Chest Drainage

The SINAPI CHEST DRAIN range was developed to improve drainage efficiency and promote patient mobility while maintaining a closed system. The core benefit of the product, the Scheffler valve, ensures a low opening pressure and low flow resistance at all times resulting in the ultimate efficiency in draining fluids from the pleural or mediastinal spaces.


Where baby bottles are used the incidence of gastroenteritis is high, especially in poor, rural areas. Baby Bottles are very difficult to clean properly, even when using hot water and soap. SINAPI has designed a FEEDING CUP that can be autoclaved, boiled, exposed to UV-light and easily be cleaned with soap and water.

SUM_Device Pic

Urinary Drainage

The taps of the SINAPI URINE METER were designed to reduce cross-contamination by maximising the distance between users’ fingers and tap outlets. The large rigid container allows for high urine output and low urine output can be measured accurately. The large diameter tubing ensures rapid fluid drainage and fresh urine samples can be safely obtained from the needle-free sampling port.


Uterine balloon tamponade (UBT), involves inserting a balloon into the uterus and filling it with fluid. The pressure exerted by the filled balloon on the uterus wall stops the bleeding. The ELLAVI UBT is a fully assembled system with a gravity-fed filling mechanism, making it quick and easy to use. It functions as a ‘free flow’ system, allowing the balloon to be compressed by the uterus, once it regains its ability to contract.


The Sinapi Sputum Cup was designed to reduce the amount of mucous specimens that are rejected at labs causing a delay in diagnosis and treatment of patients with tuberculosis (TB) and increasing the spread of TB: Clear MIN/MAX indicators ensure that a sufficient amount of specimen is obtained. Lid opening requires minimal twisting of the wrists reducing the risk of injury due to a high lab specimen load. The lid screws on securely minimising leakage during transport. Small increment measurements allow laboratory staff to accurately add buffer to the specimen.

We also contract manufacture Safety scalpels for Medi-Safe (Pty) Ltd