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Chest Drainage

The SINAPI CHEST DRAIN range was developed to improve drainage efficiency and promote patient mobility while maintaining a closed system. It took more than 1000 prototypes before engineers were satisfied with the core benefit of the product, the Scheffler valve. Coated with Teflon and silicone and manufactured from a custom-made Thermoplastic Elastomer, the Scheffler valve ensures a low opening pressure and low flow resistance at all times. This results in the ultimate efficiency in draining fluids from the pleural or mediastinal space.


Where baby bottles are used the incidence of gastroenteritis is high, especially in poor, rural areas. Baby Bottles are very difficult to clean properly, even when using hot water and soap. Therefore, many hospitals have removed all baby bottles from their maternity services and wards as they believe that cup feeding is safer than bottle feeding. SINAPI has designed a FEEDING CUP that can be autoclaved, boiled, exposed to UV-light and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

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Urinary Drainage

The SINAPI URINE METER was developed in consultation with ICU-nursing sisters to improve infection control and ease-of-use. Infection control is improved by using taps that reduce the chances of cross-contamination by maximising the distance between users’ fingers and tap outlets. Ease of use is improved by providing accurate readings for low urinary output and a large rigid holder for high urinary output. The tubing has a large diameter to ensure rapid fluid drainage. It is fitted with a kink resistor and a slide clamp, making it easier to take fresh urine samples via a needle-free sampling port.


Uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) is a relatively simple and effective treating option for post-partum hemorrhage (PPH). The minimally invasive intervention involves inserting a balloon device into the uterus and then incrementally filling the balloon with liquid, which gradually applies pressure to the uterus until the bleeding stops. The ELLAVI UBT was designed as a fully assembled system with a gravity-fed filling mechanism that makes it quick and easy to use. It functions as a ‘free flow’ system, allowing the uterus to compress the balloon, once it regains its ability to contract.

We also contract manufacture Safety scalpels for Medi-Safe (Pty) Ltd